Cell phones are the most popular all over the world right now. 96% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind. From sending messages to taking pictures and accessing social media, we use mobile every day. And with a lot of use comes the risk of wear and tear. According to research, one in three Americans currently have a crack on their phone’s screen.

At the end of the day, most of these phones are repaired. However, to make a fixed phone feel like new again, you need the best parts. That’s where Gemwon can help.

Wholesale Cell Phone Repair Parts Suppliers in USA

Gemwon Phone Part: A Short Brief

Established in 2004, Gemwon is the largest online wholesale distributor of cell phone, tablet, game console, and MacBook repair parts. We also offer a wide selection of tools, accessories, pre-owned devices, and smart home products. Gemwon Phone Part offer a large variety of high-quality replacement parts for your cell phone repair store. Gemwon offers repair solutions to both professional technicians and DIYers.

We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality repair parts at the lowest possible price. Besides, we offer a limited lifetime warranty in all our products. What our customers love the most about us is our proactive customer service. We offer complete support via live chat, email, or phone. Though most of our customers prefer buying cell phone repair parts online from our website, we have a physical store in Georgia.

Your One-Stop Solution for All Mobile Repair Business Needs

Unless you work in an authorized service center of a company, the chances are that you repair mobile phones of various brands. And, buying the parts from different sellers is neither cost-effective nor streamlined. At Gemwon wholesale phone parts store, you can find cell phone repair parts of every phone you can ever think of. Just to give you an overview, here is a top brand that consists of the models we offer parts of.

Wholesale Cell Phone Repair Parts Suppliers in USA

Reminder: The above table is just an overview of the cell phone repair parts we supply. You will find more on our website.

Repairing Everything, Not Just Phones

We understand that many technicians offer more than just mobile repair to their customers or want to diversify their business outside of mobile repair. If it sounds familiar, there’s good news for you. Gemwon provide parts for everything. You can find repair parts for almost everything at Gemwon, from game console to board components and smart home products. This will allow you to attract more customers and increase your net revenue. Besides, it will make you more competitive in your neighborhood and help you build your brand.

Again, we offer a lifetime warranty for these products so you can offer the same to your customers. This will help you build trust with new customers on their first visit to your store and increase word-of-mouth marketing.

What Makes Gemwon the Best Cell Phone Parts Supplier in the USA?

When looking for a reliable supplier in the cell phone repair industry, look no further than Gemwon. We are a one-stop solution for all mobile repair business needs with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Here are some things that make Gemwon the best mobile phone parts supplier in America:

  • Thousands of products to browse, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for your cell phone repair parts needs.
  • As soon as you make your first purchase from us, we assign a dedicated manager to handle your account. Your manager will assist you with everything you need.
  • Same-day shipping until 7:30 PM, so you get the products as early as possible.
  • We believe in transparency. Any change in pricing or policy is communicated with the customer, so there’s no last-minute confusion.
  • All our products are valued at a market price. Even the highest quality parts are available at a competitive price.
  • We offer the same product in different qualities to fit your budget. The higher the price, the higher the quality.
  • We are an all-in-one company for all your repair parts needs (mobile phone, game console, MacBook, accessories, etc.). Another benefit of buying everything from the same company is it is easier to manage (delivery, paperwork, return merchandise authorization, or RMA).
  • We have a dedicated quality control team and after-sales service team. Both teams ensure that you receive the highest possible quality products and that you are satisfied.
  • But yeah, we have a vested interest in providing the best possible service to you. We understand that the longer we offer the best products (and service) to you, the longer you will be associated with us. And we will grow as a business.

Are There Any Offers for Bulk Purchases?

Yes, we do have custom offers for bulk and wholesale purchases. However, it varies from customer to customer. To know the exact offer for you, contact your account manager or give us a call. We will help you with the custom offer as per your purchase.

What if I Want to Return the Product?

We always source the highest quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. However, if you still want to return the product, we do have a return policy.

Here’s how our return policy works:

  • If a product is defective, you will be refunded at the current sale price of the item or your purchase price (whichever is lower) minus a 10% processing fee. However, you can exchange the product at no extra cost.
  • If you are returning a product because you no longer need it or have purchased it accidentally, you must ship it back at your expense. Besides, these items are subject to a 10% restocking fee.
  • We provide 1 free return label for every $500 in the prior month spend, up to 4 labels per month.
  • Any item no longer sold by Gemwon phone part is not eligible for a refund if purchased more than 45 days ago.
  • Order the Best Cell Phone Parts from Gemwon
  • If you are looking for a reliable and premium mobile phone repair parts supplier in the USA, you are in the right place. We ensure you get the highest quality products at the best prices. Order the parts you need in just a few clicks from Gemwon and get a lifetime warranty on them.

What are you waiting for? Check out our collection of cell phone repair parts now!

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