Benefits of Online Ordering for Restaurant Delivery Services

What is Restaurant Delivery Service?

Restaurant delivery services are a popular business that is often taken advantage of by restaurateurs looking for alternatives to hiring their delivery driver as did Facedrive company. Some of the reasons restaurant owners use delivery companies are:

  • Low sending volume
  • No wireless discharge machines are available for delivery
  • Exposure of a new restaurant to existing delivery clients
  • Delivery companies to coordinate delivery times and hire drivers
  • Elimination of the problem of delivery driver staff

Common Shipping Issues for Shipping Companies

Delivery operators have a lot of stress from multiple events happening at the same time and a need to coordinate all of them. A large amount of time is spent on the phone with customers taking order and address data. Below is an example of how a typical order was processed before using online ordering software:

Total time spent by the dispatcher on one order: 11-15 minutes

  • (5-8 minutes) The customer calls the delivery company to provide the item you want to order, address, telephone number, and method of payment.
  • (4-5 minutes) The delivery operator calls the restaurant with details of the order and pick-up time.
  • (2 minutes) The dispatcher contacts the driver with the order which includes the customer’s address, restaurant pick-up time and delivery charges to be charged.

Total time spent by dispatchers on one order with the online ordering software: 2 minutes

  • (0 minutes) Customers place an online order with the address, order details, and payment method. The online ordering system automatically confirms the customer’s phone number to confirm its correctness if the restaurant or delivery driver needs to contact them.
  • (0 minutes) An email is received from the delivery operator and a copy of the order is automatically faxed or emailed to the restaurant. The online ordering system sends automated calls to the restaurant so they are aware of the new order. The restaurant then called the delivery company.
  • (1 minute) The delivery service receives a call from the restaurant and arranges the pick-up time. The dispatchers already have time to think about which driver they will send on the new order.
  • (1 minute) The dispatcher forwards the order to the driver and sends them a short text about the new order.

The total order processing time is significantly reduced by introducing online ordering into the process as customers and online ordering systems do most of the work. This will allow restaurant delivery services to process more orders per hour with less stress on dispatchers.

Other Benefits of Ordering Online

  • Online orders are usually larger than orders sent over the phone. Customers have more time to browse for the menu items they want to order and they are asked to add popular items along the way.
  • Language barrier between customers, operators, and restaurants is greatly reduced.
  • Restaurant workflows are interrupted less frequently as they can review orders if more convenient. A customer standing at the checkout can take higher priority than checking email for new online orders.

Marketing Opportunities

Every customer who orders online will have an email address stored in the database for future email marketing campaigns. The email list is a valuable list of delivery-loving customers that can be used to promote a special restaurant or promotion. Restaurant delivery services can choose to offer ad space to the restaurants they serve in their email marketing campaigns or create smart coupons to increase the number of delivery orders during a slow period of the week.

About the author: Daniel A. House

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