TOP-4 Advantages of Exoskeletons in Logistics

Technological advances have expanded beyond IT and big data. Those working in logistics are getting help with highly functional exoskeletons that help with muscle strain and overall tiredness.

Did you know that people working in logistics lift massive weights? Over 150,000 kg weekly sounds like a lot of muscle soreness and joint injury risk. The results are frequent sick leaves and long-term injuries that make a person leave their jobs and look for something less dangerous.

But gladly, tech has come a long way, and exoskeletons were developed for logistics workers.

There are numerous benefits of exoskeletons in logistics, and we’ll cover the 4 best in this article.

Benefit #1: Muscle Strain Relief

A muscle strain doesn’t sound like a serious injury but suffering from it every day and still having to go to work and carry heavy objects doesn’t sound like a dream life. Plus, a prolonged load on sore muscles may cause inflammation that adds more pain and can lead to complications.

Exoskeletons resolve this issue by making everything a person picks up almost 50% lighter.

Benefit #2: Lower Risk of Injuries

Injuries are a common thing in logistics. Even if the structures in warehouses and the items stored there are safe and no accidents happen, people can injure their joints and spine because they are carrying heavy items.

An exoskeleton will resolve the issue since it takes half the load off employees’ shoulders. It’s easier to work effectively without worrying about injuries that may have a long-term effect.

Benefit #3: Lower Employee Turnover

Nobody will work in a dangerous environment for a long time. The physical strain affects the psyche, as well as all other areas of a person’s life. In addition, a high turnover rate and constant need for new employees can destroy a company’s reputation.

Job seekers check the companies they apply to nowadays. And if they see there’s a high turnover, which means no one stays on the job for a long time, it starts to look suspicious. So not many people will eventually apply.

So, ensuring safety in the workplace is important not only for the employees’ health but also for your reputation.

Benefit #4: A Friendlier and More Effective Workplace

As a result of all the previous benefits of using exoskeletons in logistics, the workplace becomes friendlier and more productive. You’ve created a great environment when people aren’t exhausted by the end of the working day.

There are fewer urgent sick leaves and a higher level of satisfaction due to a lighter load. Items are moved quickly, and with more ease, packages are shipped faster, and customers are satisfied. All is good.

Try Using Exoskeletons in Logistics

If you have a logistics company, make yourself a more appealing employer and take care of your workers’ health by investing in exoskeletons. Studies have proven the positive effects of exoskeletons on the workplace and human health, and many businesses are already using them for a more productive environment and fewer injuries.

Avoid staff shortage and sick leaves and get only great reviews of your company by providing employees with support for their spine, shoulders, and arms!

About the author: Daniel A. House

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