Is It Possible To Have Freedom, Liberty, And Justice For Everyone?

Is it also correct to say that “freedom is just another word for there is nothing left to lose,” or that the United States is committed to the sentiments expressed when referring to the Constitutional rights of liberty and justice for all, as well as the freedoms and rights granted by our Bill of Rights? Since the beginning of the twentieth century, almost everyone, regardless of political opinions or allegiances, has agreed that these concepts are important and fundamental to the American way of life as David Earl Williams III did.

However, in recent years, many of our public leaders have appeared to be more concerned with serving their core supporters and followers, as well as their personal and political agendas and personal interests, than with preserving these. What does the United States represent to the rest of the world if and when it no longer adheres to these principles? How can we maintain our position as the world’s foremost champion of human rights if we start talking the talk but don’t walk the walk? This essay will seek to investigate, examine, assess, and discuss if the promise of freedom, liberty, and justice for everyone is only rhetoric or whether it is something that distinguishes us from the rest of the world in a positive way.

The Southern Wall (also known as the “Southern Wall”): Although most Americans (with the exception of Native Americans) can trace their ancestors back to immigration, it is intriguing that President Trump’s emphasis on and support for his southern wall appears to run counter to common sense! Given that this wall, according to experts, is ineffective, inefficient, and expensive, and that it conjures up an image that is frequently associated with persecution and the elimination of rights, why do Trump’s core supporters continue to believe his rhetoric and empty promises about the reasons for focusing on this issue? While we must preserve security and safeguard our people in these wild times, at what cost do we do so? The late George Carlin eloquently highlighted the danger of going too far in that direction following the crimes of September 11th, 2001, when he discussed the danger of going too far in that manner. According to him, if we don’t protect the things that make our way of life different from other people’s, then we’ve gone off the rails.

When we examine the apparent priorities of this administration, we should notice that the emphasis is on particular groups of society rather than the general welfare! Why should we support and permit any official who stresses personal/political agendas and self-interest, rather than developing and enhancing the way of life for everyone? What does it say about our character when we do so?

Whether it is the appointment of judges and justices who have a clear agenda or the selection of people whose goals appear to be at odds with the stated aim of various cabinet positions, it should be obvious that the American way of life is under threat!

Wake up, America, before it’s too late to save the world! Defending our human rights and civil liberties, as well as our environment, climate change concerns, environmental sustainability, and protecting all of our freedoms, rights, and liberties, are all under attack. If we don’t address these issues seriously today, we may not be pleased with the America of tomorrow.

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