Organic Gardening Pest Control Methods

First, if you have a garden, you will be exposed to pests. There are always little critters looking for free food, and your lovely garden produce looks a lot like a buffet to many insects. For that you need equipment and materials to control insects that you can buy at

Pest control

Pest control can be divided into 2 parts, the first, or at the very least, pest prevention. The second is pest control. Prevention is the first thing to do rather than face the consequences. Control is what you do when you fail to prevent. We understand this with car accidents and illness, but often forget it when it comes to our homes and gardens.

Pest prevention

Pest prevention in the garden is really a matter of keeping your plants healthy. This can be done by:

  • Choosing the right varieties
  • Grouping plants according to elemental needs
  • Attention to the internal plant calendar
  • Soil structure
  • Soil fertility
  • Soil moisture

When these factors are in balance, your garden plants will be healthier, and more disease and pest-resistant, preventing most pest problems. If this fails, or if other factors have conspired to bring about pest invasion, or if some of the pests make it past the preventive barrier, it may be necessary to use pest control.

Types of pest control

Organic pest management methods are separated into 3 types, biological, botanical, and physical.


Biological pest control is one of the suitable methods for organic gardening. Biological pest control includes female insects, spiders, praying mantises, and other insects that feed on insects that feed on your garden.


Botanical pest control agents are made from natural vegetable oils and pyrethrin. There are products available to target and safely kill unwanted pests, but like most commercial insecticides they will also kill beneficial insects, so caution must be exercised.


Physical pest control is eliminating pests by hand. This is often done by running water, netting, or by picking insects from plants with your fingers. The method is very slow and tedious, but very effective in many situations.

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