Open relationship and pregnancy? Find out if you are the father!

When Will Smith and his wife announced that they had an open relationship, there were not many people who were surprised. It is starting to become more normal nowadays. And why should not it? If you both agree to it, there is no shame in it. But when your partner is suddenly pregnant, it might be nice to know if you are the father. Luckily there is an easy way to test it.

Perform an easy test at home

When you do not feel the need to physically visit a DNA center, there is a possibility to perform a DNA test at home. Just order a home DNA test kit and follow the easy steps. However, this is only possible when the DNA results are not used for court or for other legal reasons. You can easily order the test online or by phone. After you received the test kit, you will collect a DNA sample with a cheek swab. The envelope that comes with it can be used to return your DNA kit. The test will then be processed by a professional lab. Two independent teams will run the samples, so they can compare the results. An in-house team of PhDs will review the results and prepare your report. You will get this report by e-mail, so your privacy is guaranteed. The results will not be shared with outside parties.

You don’t want to wait until the baby is born?

That is okay. There is also a possibility to do prenatal DNA testing. You will have to wait until week seven of the pregnancy. The results can be sent within 3 business days. The baby’s gender can be included for free. The mother’s blood will be tested, while the possible father will only have to undertake a cheek swab. It is not possible if the mother is expecting twins or multiples.

What happens next?

When you find out if you are the father of the child, you will have to figure out for yourself what you want to do. Talk to the mother of your child about the your options. Listen to each other’s wishes. Nobody benefits from fighting with each other. Come up with a solution that will benefit both of you. Just know  that the child will love you either way. There is saying that covers it all: ‘You do not have to be a father to be a daddy’.

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