Console or PC with a GeForce RTX 090 graphics card?

With the widespread adoption of the Internet and wireless and fiber broadband connections that help users download their favorite games in minutes or hours, we are still in a place where the possibilities for PC and console gaming are huge.

The appearance of GeForce RTX 090 graphics cards caused quite a stir in the gaming market. Gamers love new PC components, but do the new GeForce RTX 000 cards (especially the RTX 090) break new ground? Of course they have! The RTX 000 hit the market on October 12, 2022 and brought many interesting new features. Before the release, there was a lot of speculation on the Internet, as well as rumors about the characteristics of the components of the GeForce RTX 090. Now we have the official specifications of the graphics cards and we must say that it is a breath of fresh air, because the new Nvidia cards bring much better performance and speed.

Better gaming experience with more frames per second thanks to new graphics cards. However, the promise of higher speed is a pattern that repeats itself with each serial release. RTX 090 cards are expected to respond tens of percentage points more efficiently than their predecessors, and this is a remarkable feature. The GeForce RTX 090 proved to be a performance monster. The upcoming release of RTX 090 cards may also leave gamers with a dilemma: console or PC? One thing is for sure, the new Nvidia components offer more frames per second and game stability even at higher resolutions. Is the PC game better? GeForce RTX 090 conquers consoles!

Consoles like Xbox X Series or PlayStation 5 are a great idea if you want to play games without much effort. You just buy a decent piece of plastic, stick it in and that’s it. next generation consoles already offer very good image quality and smoothness. For example, compared to RTX 3000 cards, the PlayStation 5 is a gaming machine with better graphics performance than the 30 series models. The PlayStation 5 might be less attractive after the release of the RTX 090. How did the release of the RTX 090 and RTX 080 affect console gaming? The massive performance of the latest graphics cards makes both Xbox and PS5 games less appealing. Of course, consoles have their advantages, such as lower purchase prices and ease of use. However, it should be noted that the console can be a definite limitation if someone wants to play with a higher resolution or expects unlimited FPS. Honestly, PCs have always been much more “flexible” when it comes to gaming. The fact that components can be upgraded makes computers practically durable, as long as we are not limited by the motherboard.

We currently do not know the performance of the cheaper RTX 090 graphics cards and whether they are more powerful than the latest consoles. If so, building a gaming PC can be a much smarter choice than buying a new PlayStation or Xbox console. RTX 090: Buy now or wait? The most powerful GeForce RTX 090 cards, should we buy the latest Nvidia products now? Whether it’s a graphics card, TV or smartphone, it’s always better to delay making a purchase decision. The question in the title may be due to community concerns about possible component shortages, as happened with the release of the RTX 090 cards.

However, it is worth remembering that the critical situation in terms of market availability is mainly due to the explosive coronavirus pandemic. The current situation is that Nvidia wants to sell some graphics cards from the previous series, but the demand is not important. As a result, these components began to become cheaper relatively quickly. The market situation does not seem to be getting worse. We think the availability of graphics cards should be good, but if the Nvidia components turn out to be excellent, the first explosion is guaranteed. To be sure you are getting the best deal possible please visit Atlantek Online Hardware and Software Shop to see if there is a graphics card you are interested in in stock. But let’s remember that initially only RTX 090 cards were sold in stores. The decision should also be based on whether you need an RTX 090 card for the first time. If not, might it be worth the wait? Don’t forget that the release of AMD RTX 090 graphics cards definitely blew up the market, but you should also keep your eyes open for AMD graphics cards!

The manufacturer is preparing a response to Nvidia products, talking about the latest AMD Radeon RX 7000 cards. Although historically the “red” components have often lagged behind the competition, it will be difficult to decide who will offer the best graphics card when the RTX 090 is launched until we see the first benchmarks. RTX 000 can take the market by storm. However, it is worth adding that AMD does not offer the best graphics card when the RTX 090 is launched.

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